Android users can now finally download and play Bethesda’s latest free-to-play collectible card video game, “The Elder Scrolls: Legends.” The developers just posted the new game on the Google Play Store. However, the version that was made available is still only for Android tablets and will not be compatible with Android smartphones. The smartphone version is still expected to be released sometime in the middle of the year.

Separate releases

The brand new collectible card video game, which will be a direct competitor to Blizzard’s “Hearthstone” and CD Projekt RED’s “Gwent: The Witcher Card Game,” was originally scheduled to be released back in 2016.

The game was meant to be released simultaneously for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, Android, and iOS.

Due to unspecified reasons, Bethesda ended up releasing the game to the different platforms at different dates. The game was first released for Windows PC on March 9. The iOS version, which is only available for iPads, was released on March 23. This was then followed by the Mac OS release on May 31.

Single-player campaign

The Android tablet version of “The Elder Scrolls: Legends” includes the game’s full single player story mode. As per the game’s description on the Google Play Store, players will be able to access hours of solo gameplay as they go through the game’s epic plot. Through different card battles, gamers will be tasked to fight against an elf named Naarifin, who is bent on releasing his army of demon-like creatures, called the Daedra, into the heart of the Empire.

The single player mode will also include easy to understand tutorials on how to build and utilize different decks. Players will also be able to earn Legends cards and create their own deck depending on their style of play.

Online multiplayer mode

Additionally, those who want to have a more social experience can forego the single player campaign and jump directly into the game’s multiplayer mode.

Within the multiplayer mode, players can challenge their friends or other online players in full ranked battles. Cards and decks can be upgraded this way by winning against decks that also contain the specific cards.

Players can build their own decks from scratch and battle other players who have also done the same. This way, players will be ensured that they are up against opponents with the same level and quality of cards as them. As of the moment, there is currently no fixed date for the release of the smartphone versions for both iOS and Android.