After resolving the issues with Xbox One, Gun Media is facing another issue in their recently released horror survival title, “friday the 13th the game.” Several days ago, there were some players reporting losing their perks in the game while some are getting kicked off. It appears that the game developer has already discovered the culprit of these recent issues.

Latest issue

Gun Media sent out an email to popular livestreamers recently and disclosed that a certain exploit is causing all these latest troubles. According to the game developer, an exploit was enabling malicious users to kick gamers and take over these players inventories in the game.

Moreover, the company added that the exploit primarily targets prominent livestreamers.

However, Gun Media, through their email also assure that Steam accounts of all players are still secure. The hacker(s) were not able to get any of the players’ personal information. Instead, the hacker(s) tricked the user ID to look as other players in the game’s servers, removing the target from the game. After that, the client was be sent a Steam ID and they obtain that and act like logging in.

In a separate statement by IllFonic, the developer emphasized that they do not practice storing information such as this in their database. They also clarified that their database was not included in the recent attack.

The developer added that some players were booted out of the game and this affected their respective CP, XP, and Perks. IllFonic further added that their observation reveals that these attacks happened to content creators and streamers.

Meanwhile, Gun Media reported that this method can no longer kick players out of the game.

The team added that they are now working hard to fix the “Friday the 13th The Game” servers. Moreover, the company stated that currently, they are working out with the external security team what would enable them to plug the game’s vulnerabilities.

More problems

The most recent issue about the game, however, was not a hack.

Rather, it was just an exploit that only took advantage of the game’s poorly implemented client login system that was the developer’s real issue. It can be recalled that recently the game has experienced server issues. This can now be fixed as the company already made the patches that are available to PC and Xbox One users. The patch for the PlayStation 4 users will also roll out soon alongside the bug fixes.

Although the bugs have been fixed, there are still complaints about matchmaking. Interestingly, the game developer has been updating and resolving the numerous issues the game is facing right now. We will keep you posted with more updates about your favorite game as soon as official information becomes available.