In “Overwatch,” a team’s winning rate usually depends on hero compositions. Players might posses impressive skills, but if they do not learn to play as team, their chances of winning is still slim. This is where team comp rose to popularity, as more and more players begin to realize its importance in matches.

Perhaps one of the most used team comps in “Overwatch” now is called dive composition. This became a staple in the game when high-level tiers players wanted to break the old meta called Death Ball. The latter later on known as Reindhartd-focused comp, as the hero himself set the team’s core gameplay.

What is dive composition?

The main idea about this composition is concentrating all of the team’s firepower in a particular point within the opponents’ defensive line. This could either be the weakest or the most valued characters. However, to guarantee its efficiency and winning rate, the comp requires high mobility players such as Genji, Tracer and Winston, among others.

Once the dive becomes successful, the “Overwatch” team can then shift to the so-called snowballing. The latter is achieved if and only if the enemy’s defense is quickly compromised. Again, the key to make this comp successful is quick kill. To fully grasp this strategy, it is best to determine which heroes are perfect for the said comp.


Winston is obviously the main tank in this “Overwatch” team comp, as he is the only character with the ability to literally jump from one place to another. His mobility is enough to quickly disrupt chaos within the enemy team’s defense.

The gorilla scientist’s role, apart from initiating dives, is contesting higher grounds.

He should be looking for the weakest link in the opposing team, and once he does, he should leap forward and eliminate the hero(s).


Considered a projectile-based flanker, Genji’s role in the composition is to be the main flanker. He can reposition himself almost anywhere on the map, allowing him and the team to create openings.

Also, his mobility enables him to eliminate an enemy. Like Winston, his main targets should be the high-valued heroes in the opposing team. This could be a DPS or support character.

To even make the dive comp in “Overwatch” more achievable, it is best to let Genji roll together with Winston. They can both lunge towards healers or DPS characters to shut them down. Their disruptiveness in the battlefield can prove lethal to the opposing team.


It is only right to mention D.Va here, as she is the bread and butter of dive composition. Her role is pretty basic: shut down all flankers and/or DPS characters of the enemy team. For instance, she can quickly sidestep towards the opponents’ Soldier 76 and fend him off.

This automatically removes the enemies’ ability to retaliate with a high-damaging character.

More importantly, D.Va serves as Winston’s replacement whenever the gorilla scientist dives. Obviously, the team opens up a spot perfect for the opposing team to exploit. This could lead to a support being left opened or a DPS character like Pharah being sniped. D.Va, with her mobility, can move towards her allies and provide cover. Ultimately, she is the moving shield of the team.