God of War 4” first made history during its first reveal at last year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3). Sony Santa Monica presented the title along with its first trailer. While it quickly captured the hearts of many, there were fans who thought of it as a reboot.

Until now, this notion of “God of War 4” being a remake of the previous three titles continues to thrive. In fact, the developers of the game, headed by Cory Barlog, reiterated that the new installment is a fresh take on the acclaimed series. It is merely a brand new title, with a new setting to offer.

Barlog himself confirmed it

The game’s director Barlog confirmed in various interviews that the forthcoming title will neither be a reboot nor a remake. Rather, it is a complete new game wrapped in a new setting. The previous games in the series were all set in the harsh environment of the Greek mythology. Now, in the fourth title, Kratos and his son Atreus will try to unravel the mystery of a setting wrapped in Norse mythology.

We Got This Covered reports that “God of War 4” takes place in the events following “God of War 3.” Nevertheless, it will still circle back to the events involving Olympus in one way or another. Kratos’ new appearance, which is quite old and sturdy, is also proof to the story's progress.

New camera techniques applied

According to TechnoBuffalo, Sony Santa Monica has brought the in-game camera much closer to Kratos in “God of War 4.” The developers believe that by doing so, they can promote a certain kind of intimacy between the character and the players. In the previous three titles, the protagonist was a bit far from the players’ vantage point.

While it had its own cons, it still allowed players to see any upcoming enemies at full action along with the weaponries in action. Barlog said that there was nothing wrong with the way the camera worked in the past three games; they just thought it is best to completely revamp it.

The new camera techniques applied are also of an advantage in “God of War 4.” Players will first-hand experience Kratos directly, while seeing the game’s world in his perspective.

Barlog mentioned that this camera intimacy plays consistently with Kratos’ relationship with his son. As seen on the first trailer, the character is trying to teach his kid the ways to becoming a warrior. Despite being a new game, Kratos’ infamous temper will still be present. Barlog explained that this rage is part of the character’s personality, and it is a bit of a stretch if they take it away.