The Psyonix-developed soccer video game "Rocket League" has received positive reviews from players and critics alike since its release to PlayStation 4 and PC in July 2015 and Xbox One in February 2016. The game has received updates every now and then, including the most recent "Dropshot" update that enabled players to play on a field of hexagonal tiles. Since the game's release, Psyonix has managed to keep players interested. With the type of success that "Rocket League" has experienced, it's no surprise that some fans may look forward to a sequel to the game.

These fans may be disappointed to know that there won't be any.

Psyonix isn't planning on 'Rocket League' sequel

"Rocket League" developer Jeremy Dunham recently spoke with Engadget to discuss the studio's future plans for the game. He admitted that they're not "trying to build six 'Rocket Leagues.' "We're not looking forward to when Rocket League 2 and 3 and 4 are coming out," he said. Instead, what they would like to introduce is cross-platform play, to enable more players to engage with one another.

Developers believe not having cross-platform play is a 'competitive disadvantage'

"Rocket League" developer Jeremy Dunham promised that they will continue to update the game, with the end goal being cross-platform play.

Dunham shared that Psyonix is constantly in contact with console manufacturers Sony and Microsoft, as well as Nintendo. With Sony, the studio only received a lukewarm response that said they'll do it eventually, but not now. Microsoft, on the other hand, took quite a while to get back to Psyonix with a positive reply, while Nintendo gave them a go almost immediately.

According to Dunham, "I view it as a competitive disadvantage not to have [cross-network play]."

Soccer video game currently on sale on Steam

For those who haven't gotten their hands on "Rocket League" just yet, now is the chance to get it for a big discount. The Psyonix game, along with the 4-Pack version, are both on 40% off on Steam.

Players who are looking to purchase the Game of the Year Edition will also enjoy 40% off the tag price. Content such as Hot Wheels Twin Mill and Hot Wheels Bone Shaker are also on sale with a 40% price reduction. "Rocket League" is directed by Thomas Silloway and produced by Sarah Hebbler. It is now playable on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. It will arrive on OS X, Linux, and Nintendo Switch this year. The Steam Summer Sale has the game discounted by 40% for a limited time only.