Nintendo said in January when introducing its hybrid console, the Switch: Online Services will pay off. Now, the gaming company has finally confirmed the launch of its online service for the Switch in 2018. The company has somehow given us a figure for its Switch's online pricing. And to be honest, a price well below that practiced by its competitors.

The full launch will be done in the next year, and until the launch, the Switch owners will have access to some of its features of its Online Services for free. The complete launch of the services includes a smartphone app and the proper matchmaking.

Once the service completely rolls out, the users will have to pay $20 per year for the online subscription which gives you the access to numerous new and existing features.

Nintendo Switch online pricing revealed

The online subscription of Switch costs $3.99 for one month and $7.99 for three months. The one-year subscription costs you $19.99. Although it is more expensive than the Wii U where everything was free, but the amount requested is well below what the competition offers: $40 per year for the Xbox One and nearly $50 for the Playstation 4.

However, the services offered are not the same. Here no recent games with unlimited access. Instead, Nintendo will offer you access to a catalog of classic games from the NES era like "Super Mario Bros.

3" or "Balloon Fight" or "Dr. Mario, " and also Nintendo is going to add Super NES games that you can download and use for the duration of your subscription. Discounts reserved for subscribers will also be part of the Nintendo eShop. For the rest, the paid service will be mandatory if you want to play online.

An incomprehensible app

Nintendo also includes a smartphone app that will allow players to access voice chat and online chat rooms. The app is also used in inviting friends online. An approach that seems slightly complex, especially since the Switch has a jack output. The Japanese firm also expects to release a headset microphone in the colors of "Splatoon 2", accompanied by an adapter to connect smartphone, console, and headset.

Players who already have a Switch or who are thinking of jumping off with the release of "Splatoon 2" and "Arms" can reassure themselves. Pay-per-view will only be made in early 2018. In the meantime, access to the online games of "Mario Kart" will remain free. After this time, the red carapace will cost you $0.99.