Telltale Games appears to be chugging right along with new titles in the coming year or two. The company just released the final chapter of “The Walking Dead Season 3” and is getting ready to launch chapter two of its new “Guardians of the Galaxy” series. Now one Twitter user who appears to have gotten their hands on a survey the company sent out has leaked what its future plans might be.

The user, known as Reyhabeas posted several screen grabs of possible upcoming Telltale Games titles. Some of the pictures are of images of a logo or promotional image.

Other screen grabs are of surveys asking fans of the company what titles they would like to see next. While all of this should be taken with a grain of salt, none of the “leaks” seem to be out of the realm of possibility.

‘Minecraft Story Mode Season 2’

The first leaked screen grab shows the logo for “Minecraft Story Mode: The Telltale Games Series Season 2”. This might be the least surprising secret of all of those coming out on the web in the last few weeks and months. While “Minecraft Story Mode” was hardly the most popular title the company has ever released, it had plenty of player ship.

It’s also a story that can be taken in any direction the developers want because it isn’t having to borrow on previous storylines that have been released on other platforms.

Along with the picture showing the game, ReyHabeas revealed what the user claims is a plot point Telltale Games is planning for “Minecraft Story Mode Season 2”.

“In MCSM 2 the main plot is Jesse questions his friendship with Ivor. Can Jesse and the new order of stone return home?” The user posted.

'Tales from the Borderlands Season 2'

Another title that Telltale Games seems to have had to make at one point or another is “Tales from the Borderlands Season 2”. This game surprised a lot of people with the fun and frivolity that has long been known to be part of the “Tales from the Borderlands” series.

The developers of the adventure title were able to add even more humor to their first take on this long-running series and Season 2 will likely be met with quite a bit of excitement among the company’s most devoted fans.

James Bond

Perhaps the biggest leak in this little swath of leaks about possible upcoming titles is that Telltale Games apparently has some interest in making a James Bond series. On its face, this makes sense, since there are all kinds of stories that can come out of the Bond universe that haven’t been told yet. With each of these leaks, the info should of course, be taken with a grain of salt. If they are all true, which one would you be looking forward to the most?