Need for Speed is one of the best video games created by Electronic Arts and developed by ghost games. NFS is another name of Need for Speed game. It is a series which centered illicit street Racing. The release at first in 1994, then its name was The Need for Speed. It is one of the most successful video game.

NFS history:

150 million copies of this game have been selling. It was licensed by hot wheels toys and was adapted by film adaptation, because of its high sell. This series originally were developed by distinctive software. In 1991 Electronic Arts created a popular racing game like Stunts before the company was renamed to Electronic Arts Canada.

In 1992 the company capitalized on its experience in the domain by the Need for Speed series. EA's popularity kept increasing day by day by developing this game. EA introduced a social platform in 2012, which were titled by Auto log. You could also get connected through the internet and play multiplayer games.

Rebirth of world's most popular racing game:

And now they have planned to release a new version of juggernaut racing series on Xbox One, PS4, and PC on November 10 of this year. The news was confirmed by Ghost Games and EA so it isn't a rumor. From November 7 it will be ready to purchase, 3 days ago before release. It will be situated in Fortune Valley where players will act as three separate characters.

It has a local criminal cartel that rules the city’s casinos, crooks, and cops. In this series, the ghost is given a chance to customize and also able to seek out and discover abandoned cars in the world to repair and also to tune. Players will drive on both on-and off-road through the mountains, canyons, and desert. In this, game player could also gamble on their performances.

Executive producer Marcus Nilsson said that it returns this year with challenge what players expect from racing games.

Description about updated edition:

It will be a famous game for those who are crazed about racing cars. Other 3 characters are Tailor, the racer, Mac, showman and Jess, the wheel man. You can even access it offline.

Class 5 car will be available to steal in this game. There is Race, Drift, Off-Road, Drag and Runner which are certainly one of the best challenges. This time you don't need the internet to access it. The game has been designed in such a way that you won't hesitate to buy it. It is one of the most preferred games by adults as well as youngsters. The game, on the whole, looks amazing and is without a doubt, one of the best games that have ever been created.