Electronic Arts (EA) has just confirmed some new details regarding the much-awaited follow-up to 2015's "Need for Speed" racing video game reboot. Following a lot of criticism regarding the restrictions that were imposed on the twenty-second installment in the long-running franchise, EA has implemented a number of new changes that should please a lot of Fans this time around.

Still in development

While the company has confirmed that the 2017 "Need for Speed" open world racing game is already in the works, EA hadn't really announced its official title just yet.

The company also didn't share any in-game videos or screenshots for that matter, which means that the game may still be in its early stages of development.

No more always online requirement

What EA did confirm is that the next "Need for Speed" game will be playable offline. The previous title was heavily criticized by fans for only being playable when online, which was a big problem for those that really didn't have a stable internet connection or for those who wanted to play the game outside of their homes. EA acknowledged that the online requirement was one of the game's "biggest discussion points," which is why they are completely removing it from the equation.

Listening to feedback

After having read countless feedback from fans, both positive and negative, the company is looking to utilize that information in order to create a game that fans will no longer have an issue with.

For starters, the company revealed that fans will now be able to pause the game whenever they want. Additionally, EA will still retain some of the features that have made their games popular, namely cop car chases, and challenging competitions, among others.

The game's developer Ghost Games also teased that the next game will allow players to "tear up the tarmac and dirt" as much as they want.

While the statement is somewhat ambiguous, some fans have speculated that a more destructible environment may be part of the plan for the next title.

There are of course still some reservations from fans that were previously disappointed with the last title, which EA had promised was going to be the "most exciting" game they had ever created.

However, fans will just have to wait and see if the company can live up to its promises this time around.

EA announced that it is going to be revealing more details about the next "Need for Speed" game sometime before the 2017 Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) event that is happening in June.