Overwatch’s Jeff Kaplan-SharkyMarky saga continues and it’s getting, even better with each passing day! From trolling accusations and firing back with an epic clap back, the saga has successfully ended with the game developer and player patching things up. However, fans seem to be unsatisfied.

After learning that Kaplan gifted his short-lived nemesis with a year of free subscription to World of Warcraft and the player refusing it in exchange for a Noire Widowmaker skin, fans keep asking for more. Interestingly, the “Overwatch” community has already begun a petition asking Kaplan to stream himself playing the game.

The said Fan Petition is already ranked number three in the “Overwatch” subreddit threads since it was posted yesterday. The gaming community has already been calling Kaplan, "Papa Jeff", a pet name which he was able to earn for being the face of the game development department.

Everyone wants a piece of Papa Jeff

As a sign of respect to Kaplan, the entire “Overwatch” community has vowed to be "wholesome for once" as a collective effort to show their appreciation for the development team. The subreddit cites three significant lines Kaplan said in his email exchange with the previously tagged "rude forum poster" member.

First, how he felt worn out at that moment. Second, his frustration and annoyance when people take “shots” at their team without actually pointing out what their real issue is.

And third, how demoralizing it is for the people behind the game to simply get insulted.

At press time, the thread had already gathered 989 comments and counting, with players expressing their appreciation for the development team. Kaplan has responded to the post stating that he is just one tiny part of an amazing team having various members filling in different roles.

He quipped by thanking the rest of the community and remarked that the “Overwatch” community is the best community a game could ask for.

Kaplan is killing it

As the saga continues, YouTube content creator NeilBeale has already released a parody of what to expect on the next episode of this saga. He has re-imagined how Kaplan would look like while streaming on Twitch in the style of Dinoflask's hardcore Kaplan mash-up videos.

If the petition continues, it would not be the first time for Kaplan to go live. Back in July, he was seen playing with a bunch of developers during the release of the healing sniper, Ana. Moreover, wouldn’t it be more fun for him to play alongside the player SharkyMarky when he live streams his game?