Sub-Zero was the most recent character revealed by developer NetherRealm Studios for Injustice 2. But way before this fighter came to light, Red Hood took the spotlight. The two heroes are part of an upcoming DLC, which is slated to arrive next month.

Without a doubt, Injustice 2 already offers a great and interesting roster of characters. However, the studio doesn't seem satisfied as it plans to release three more characters. Sure, Jason Todd (Red Hood’s real name in the canon) is an interesting character, so to speak. But when it comes to spending extra money, is he worth the figure?

Red Hood in a nutshell

Red Hood is known for executing an array of skills. Being a powerful mid-range fighter, he is capable of defeating an opponent in a matter of seconds. Most DC comic enthusiasts would call the character a mix of Robin and Deadshot, though this still continues to be an interesting topic of discussion within the community. He is also known for displaying heavy armor from top to bottom, something that should compel players to use him in the game. As seen in the trailer, he is capable of using various tactics just to eliminate his opponent.

As long as Red Hood fights other Injustice 2 characters in mid-range, he is going to be fine. Perhaps, he may conquer this level of fighting if it comes to such a situation.

More importantly, the character has a wide range of punishing combinations to offer. One of the most popular is the combination where he can be seen detonating a bomb while using his gun. Overall, the forthcoming fighter is worth of a slot in the sequel.

Is he worthy of being a standalone character?

According to Twinfinite, the one thing that should keep Injustice 2 players from acquiring Red Hood is his price tag.

However, he is not that expensive, as he is being sold at $5.99 only. Still, the point here is his worth as a standalone character. Perhaps the character can stir interest in players who are fond of using various skills and move sets. This is most especially exciting to players who love calculated movements, as this is the character’s most appealing element.

The answer really lies in the fandom, but considering the kind of experience Red Hood can offer in Injustice 2, he is without a doubt a worthy addition. He is going to be accessible via the Fighter Pack 1 alongside Sub-Zero and Starfire. If players decide to acquire all the three characters, the price is $19.99.