One of the biggest reveals at last year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) was Sony Santa Monica’s “God of War 4.” The fans were amazed not just by the gameplay, but also because they saw a different looking Kratos. The main protagonist looked good and sported a beard, but his physique still conveyed danger.

During the event, the developers of “God of War 4” iterated that the PlayStation 4-exclusive will not be a reboot. Rather, it will offer a different take on the life of the main character. Together with his son Atreus, they will journey into a land wrapped in Norse mythology.

Apparently, these are just some of the features the game will arrive with.

Why Zero Camera Cuts

According to ScreenRant, the camera technique in the forthcoming title is one of the newest changes Sony Santa Monica introduced. This, in particular, is a complete shift from the way the camera worked before in the previous three titles. It holds true, though, that the game will still feature the same cinematic technique, specifically the extended single shot. This technique was also popularized by the 2014 film Birdman.

However, Sony Santa Monica confirmed that the forthcoming title will not utilize any camera cuts. This is considered a crucial decision from the studio, but the benefit this move offers is actually interesting.

Basically, players will be able to see the game's world from Kratos’s perspective. The camera angle will be placed in an over-the-shoulder point of view and will be perfectly anchored on the character’s presence.

Cory Barlog on removing camera cuts

God of War 4” director Cory Barlog shared his own thoughts on removing camera cuts.

He said that he wanted to give the fourth iteration a more personal touch. While he admitted to the previous technique being impressive, he believed that applying it in the new game did not seem fitting. Barlog said that through this new camera technique, players should be able to know Kratos a little more. Moreover, he found the aforesaid technique a challenging feat that he needed to accomplish.

So, for him, it was also a personal motivation.

Based on Barlog’s statements, Sony Santa Monica indeed wants to paint consistency in “God of War 4.” It is also true that the upcoming game is more about Kratos’s personal life compared to the previous three titles in the series. This is perhaps one of the most interesting iterations in the franchise, both from technical and aesthetic aspects.