Niantic Labs shuts down “Pokemon Go” Gym starting June 19 but will definitely reopen it soon. Currently, there is no additional information from the game developer on how long the gym will not be available. However, there are several discoveries made by players that reveal essential information about the augmented reality game and its future plans.

Gym shutdown

Redditor Mesawesome recently reported that “Pokemon Go” gyms have been offline for an upcoming update. This information was also confirmed by the company’s representative in the same thread.

The representative further said that as they prepare for a major update coming to the game, they have to shut down the gym for the meantime. He also mentioned about a major overhaul coming to the game. Furthermore, the representative said that they wanted to give the players a heads up for them to be able to collect their defender bonus. He also assured the fans that they would give updates on the game’s official social media channels about the in-game closure of gyms.

What could the closure imply?

The talk about the arrival of Legendaries in the game has been the subject of many speculations among fans and analysts. The legendary type of pocket monsters are among the highly-awaited creatures in the game.

In April several hints have been teased that these creatures are coming. While there are no details revealed yet, most likely Articuno, Moltres, and Zapdos would be the first three legendary type of creatures that would be released first as they fit the icons that stand for three teams in the game.

Niantic Labs has given a specific time frame on how long will the gyms remain offline.

Aside from that, the company never mentioned if there would be new features when the gym returns online. Several speculations in the past claimed that the overhaul is the developer’s way of clearing the game from cheaters. The introduction of raids in the event was also speculated. For now, these will all remain as speculations until officially confirmed.

Meanwhile, there is an ongoing Solstice event in the augmented reality game, which has started since June 13. The event featured Ice-type and Fire-type pocket monsters. Aside from that massive XP bonuses can also be collected in the most recent event. Moreover, players can also get discounts on Lucky Eggs purchased at the in-game store.

We will give you more updates about the “Pokemon Go” gym as soon as we get official information from the game developers. Hopefully, this could be the ultimate indication of the Legendaries coming to the game.