Aloy, “Horizon: Zero Dawn’s” lady protagonist, is one huge reason why many have taken to playing this stellar action-RPG, but Guerrilla Games apparently doesn’t want to stop there. The game’s update 1.10 is now live, and its full Reddit patch notes detail specific changes that will make it even more enticing.

Aside from fixing bugs in-game, the update generally brings improvements to controls, shopping, and loot-drop frequency. Players can now purchase several of a single item from merchants by holding down X, and if necessary, one can also invert the X-axis control stick.

Additionally, AI enhancements can be noticed, too.

Significant update 1.10 details

While the full patch notes reveal numerous minor enhancements, update 1.10 generally focuses on specific quests and sidequests. Players who have had loading errors, interaction issues or incorrect character spawns will be glad to know that the patch will tighten it up, meaning, this won’t ever happen again.

Before ending the Reddit post, Guerrilla Games dropped a morsel of goodies by saying that the update won’t be the last. According to a representative, one of the developers' goals is to “work on further fixes for and enhancements to the game based on your comments.” PlayStation 4 owners can expect a better and more refined single-player experience as a result.

New DLC in the works!

In a press release last week, Guerrilla’s managing director Hermen Hulst announced that the game will also get a DLC in the near future, and that the team is currently racking their brains out on an expansion. Hulst did not give out specifics on the date of release or even a window, but updates should be dropped as the expansion nears completion.

Horizon: Zero Dawn” released on Feb. 28 and has already sold almost 3 million copies so far. According to Sony, it is one of its highest-rated games and has been given astounding ratings by reviewers. The action-RPG was developed by Guerrilla Games and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment for PS4.