With its very short teaser at E3 2013, "Kingdom Hearts Iii" has been in the back of our minds for nearly four years now. Every year at E3, fans of Square Enix's franchise wait for information on when the game will be released, but are always left with more teasing for the game. Also, with each one of the HD remakes for the previous Kingdom Hearts game, everyone asks the question, where is "Kingdom Hearts III"? Well this question has been answered, but it was not the answer that fans were hoping for.

At a briefing for their investors, Square Enix CEO, Yosuke Matsuda, told the investors that both "Kingdom Hearts III" and the "Final Fantasy 7" remake are will be released in the next three years. While this is disheartening for fans that have been waiting tirelessly for the game's release, they now at least have a time table for when the game will likely see the light of day.

This announcement brought back rumors of various exciting new worlds in the game, and fans have gotten to work attempting to discern what is to be expected from the game on release.

It looks like Sora won't be an Avenger

With the "Kingdom Hearts" franchise being a crossover of Disney and Final Fantasy games, fans were hopeful for the potential of "Star Wars" and Marvel characters making an appearance in the game. While there is not much that we know about the game, sadly, this is one item that is known to be untrue. Since there are already existing licensing deals, such as the one with Electronic Arts and Star Wars, it looks like we will not be seeing Sora fighting Darth Vader in the latest release.

Also, this applies to Marvel, which has its own licensing contract as well. While this was a sad realization, certain worlds have been confirmed to be in the latest game. These include "Tangled," "Big Hero 6," "Mount Olympus," and "The Mysterious Tower." While this is not necessarily the news that the fans of the series were hoping for, it at least is a confirmation for the game as it crawls its way towards its release.

Ansem voice actor claims no new information at E3 2017

With E3 2017 approaching fast, fans began to feel that glimmer of hope that there would be some kind of information about "Kingdom Hearts III" at the event this year. Several people took to Twitter claiming that they feel that potential information for "Kingdom Hearts III" could be coming soon.

This was shot down by Richard Epcar, the voice of Ansem in the series. He told fans that there will not be any information about the game at E3 this year. While not an official statement from Square Enix, it still was from a voice actor from the game, so it carried a lot of weight from fans that had their hopes dashed in an instant.

While it seems that all information on "Kingdom Hearts III" is being hidden, and a release date is still years away, Square Enix is still making sure to let fans know that the game will be available at some point. When that is, who knows.