Developer Studio Wildcard has just announced an Evolution event in “Ark Survival Evolved.” This has just been activated in the game, with players getting special perks from the developer. As expected, tons of interesting things involving evolution will happen.

The video game company announced today (via the official Facebook page of the game) that “Ark Survival Evolved” is getting the aforementioned event. This gives players a significant boost on evolving and taming creatures, among others. Here is everything about it in a nutshell.

Introducing the Evolution event

The Evolution event is already live and is set to end come Monday, June 26th at 12 PM EST. This has been deployed on every official server of the game, with the promise of bringing the evolution experience on a notch higher. Basically, the harvesting rate will be doubled along with the taming rate. Players will also gain times two experience points on every XP source they encounter. Moreover, the mature speed of baby creatures is doubled, as well as egg hatching and gestation speed.

Above all of these, “Ark Survival Evolved” players are getting double the rate of the mating interval. It is worth noting that Studio Wildcard has been teasing about this event since a few days back.

Although they did not share any specific details during that time, they hinted at its upcoming existence. Viola, the event is here and players only have a couple of days to enjoy it. So, as much as possible, it is best to take advantage of it right away.

Official launch of the game

The Evolution event came in light of the recent announcements the video game company revealed during its “Ark Survival Evolved” presentation at Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3).

The developers revealed that in August, the game will finally leave Steam’s Early Access program. This only means one thing: the title has finally reached its completion after nearly two years of existing in the said program. Furthermore, the sponsored mod map Ragnarok is now officially part of the game.

The said map is a direct result of the Sponsored Mod program in the game.

Studio Wildcard introduced this as a way for modders to win rewards and in-game bonuses. More importantly, if the company liked their work, the mods will be officially included in the game. As for the rumors about the breeding system getting a major overhaul, this is not really happening. The video game company revealed that so far, breeding in the game is working perfectly fine. If they are to change it, there is a possibility of acquiring issues and/or bugs.