The previous update mentioned about a new party member named 'Silvia,' which revealed his skills along with the Samadhi Kingdom. Now, another update has been revealed and it talked about two new features to be added in the "Dragon Quest XI: In Search of Departed Time." These two new features are called "Bowgun Adventure" and "Magic Slot." First, "Bowgun Adventure" mainly focuses on shooting targets in the game's world. By doing so, players gain rewards from it. However, the target should be specific and the right one. This feature will trigger when a player talks to an NPC in a specific town.

Second, the "Magic Slot" feature presents that casino atmosphere, lining up the right combination that corresponds to a certain prize---just like in a normal Slot Machine game. This feature will trigger when a player gets all the number "7" on the slot. Thus, players get more rewards and in-game money. Going back to the sales of the game, it had dominated the Japanese Amazon charts for a month, according to Forbes contributor Ollie Barder.

PlayStation 4 exclusive

A Twitter post from Gematsu reveals the overall announcement, presenting the two new features in "Dragon Quest XI: In Search of Departed Time." The post can be viewed below:

Along with the announcement above, a PlayStation 4 special video reveals a special photo.

Twitter user Nova Crystallis presents the photo:

Possible West localization

Fans continue to discuss whether or not a Western localization is at hand. Meanwhile, Twitter fans of the said game discuss the E3 announcement from Square Enix, which lead to a certain highlight.

A Twitter user named @SonyofLastation says, "Did Sony just confirm a Dragon Quest XI localization?"

Another Twitter user named @Qatherine_S supports, "I'm so happy!!! This is all I needed for this E3.

And this year too!" with the hashtag "DragonQuestXI" and "DragonQwest."

However, along with the announce during E3 2017, some fans concluded that the game may not be localized. The Twitter user named Stealth says, "If anything annoys me more than this MH Capcom clusterfuck, it is the fact that Dragon Quest XI will not get a localization announcement."

All the decision lies on Square Enix if they will localize the game or not.

Fortunately, numerous games from the company themselves are localized before, which leads to "Dragon Quest XI: In Search of Departed Time" localization may have a fat chance. For now, fans should wait for further announcements. The game is set to release on July 29 in Japan on the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo 3DS consoles, while a Nintendo Switch version is yet to be announced.