Silvia is a new party member in "Dragon Quest XI: In Search of Departed Time" and provides healing and buffing spells for the team. Most boss battles are crucial because they need a healer to patch up injuries and avoid trouble. Silvia is a traveler that lives a care-free life -- also as performer. His goal is to spread joy through his performances.

Silvia's spell is called "Oomph" that increases allies' attack damage, especially crucial in boss battles and other difficult encounters. On the other hand, his special skills include the following: "Hustle Dance," "Miracle Sword," "Whip of Love," and "Viper Fang." First, "Hustle Dance" restores health points to allies in the party.

Second, "Miracle Sword" is a skill that restores health points equal to damage dealt to the enemies. Third, "Whip of Love" is an area-of-effect skill that deals a great amount of damage to enemies. Lastly, "Viper Fang" is a single-target skill that inflicts poison to one target, which is great for boss battles and for killing difficult monsters.

About Silvia

Silvia can equip a one-handed sword, whip, and dagger. With his entranced expression and magnificent poses, his team members usually go to him to brighten their mood because he is cheerful and optimistic. He is also a great asset to the party because he can be flexible in terms of taking on a supportive role, an offensive role, and his role as a healer.

One Twitter user -- GoNintendoTweet -- revealed an image of what Silvia really looks like, originally taken from the creators and developers themselves. Here is the image in the post below:

A detailed comparison and image of Silvia was also posted by one Twitter user named Robert, saying "Dragon Quest XI new character, Silvia."

Samadhi Kingdom

Along with the new character announcement, Samadhi Kingdom was also presented and teased last month.

Samadhi Kingdom is a town located in a vast desert in a country of knights. While trade and business flourishes in this Kingdom, the kingdom values its chivalry and bravery, pertaining to the Prince that was rumored to be a knight. The place is crowded and filled with people during the day. Horse races and circus performances are held here as well.

"Dragon Quest XI: In Search of Departed Time" will be released on July 29 in Japan for both the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo 3DS consoles. On the other hand, the Nintendo Switch version has yet to be announced.