Developer Massive Entertainment has been awfully quiet about anything related to “Tom Clancy’s The Division” lately, leaving the players to wonder what future does the game hold. Apparently, the studio has been working on a massive update called 1.7. As expected, a good number of new features and whatnots are to be expected to the game soon.

The “Tom Clancy’s The Divisiondevelopers unveiled the update via the game’s weekly live stream. During that time, there were some decent features and changes the studio promised to give to the title very soon.

Interestingly, this is just a spec of what the video game company is about to do in the next few months.

Update 1.7 in a nutshell

First and foremost, the aforementioned remains a mystery in terms of release date. Nevertheless, this did not stop the community from getting excited about the newly unveiled features. This goes without saying that they are also interested in the more controversial areas of the game. Perhaps the most noticeable one is the Classified Gear Sets. In the game, they work as better, if not the best, versions of the Gear Set in the game. In addition, since they offer better rewards and bonuses, players will even be more fueled.

The aforementioned “Tom Clancy’s The Division” feature will introduce fix and/or six pieces of bonuses into the game.

Massive Entertainment iterates that, in one way or another, this can provide players a slight boost when going up against NPCs as well as other players in the game. Right now, Gear Sets feature only has four bonuses; however, the upcoming arrival of the new update will add two more, something that is totally worth it especially for those who have been anticipating it.

A new range of stat options

Believe it or not, the studio is also set to introduce a new set of stat options in “Tom Clancy’s The Division.” The minimum stats will reportedly begin commencing at the current high stat level earned for gears. The studio mentioned over and over again that each piece of the Classified Gear system.

The latter will also allow players to recalibrate their two separate stats in each piece. This is a complete turn from the previous calibration, with players having the chance to calibrate at least one stat.

Whether players in “Tom Clancy’s The Division” liked the above-mentioned system, there is no denying that the update is a promising addition to the game. It might not be a surefire way, but it is enough to keep the game’s momentum at bay and allow players to come back to the game.