The Latest Trailer for the highly-anticipated PlayStation 4-exclusive game, “Detroit Become Human” has been released. During Sony’s press conference at the E3 2017 event, the Japanese gaming giant revealed more details about Quantic Dream’s next thrilling title.

Latest trailer

The theme of the latest trailer of “Detroit Become Human” centers on slavery and freedom. It introduces a future world where androids are a necessity. It shows a new revolution of androids staging a rebellion against Cyberlife, which is a corporation involved in selling androids.

The footage also underlines the choice to either use of violence or not in order to give freedom to subjugated artificial intelligence alive in human forms.

In the latest trailer, Markus, performed an underground operation one night in Detroit. He intended to emancipate enslaved androids that sold in the store. The success of his movement will send a strong signal to humans about their role in the world.

Playable characters

The recent trailer also gave fans the idea the Playable Characters that they will soon meet in the game. This includes Markus whose character is portrayed by “Grey’s Anatomy’s” Dr. Jackson Avery, Jessie Williams. Markus is the leader of the Android staging a revolution and fighting for their rights in the cruel game environment.

Aside from Markus, there is also Kara, which is an android who was able to escape the factory she was enslaved. Her character is portrayed by Minka Kelly, who starred in “Friday Night Lights,” and “Parenthood.” They are joined by Connor, tasked to track down rogue androids like Kara and Markus.


The upcoming game is a neo-noir existential thriller.

It is set in a not so far future where androids function like humans. They are used in the society in entry-level tasks from manufacturers to teachers. These machines equipped with artificial intelligence are only considered as tools programmed to follow commands. However, some androids began showing strange behaviors and appear to be having emotions.

The game follows the story of three deviants as they start to question about their role in the society as well as their longing for freedom. The game will also feature a rewind mechanic as shown in the footage. This will enable players to select various ways of handling the very same issue with the desire of achieving a different result.

We will give you more updates about “Detroit Become Human” as soon as information becomes available. Meanwhile, check out the latest trailer released during Sony’s press conference at E3 2017.