Nintendo continues to amaze fans with new information about exciting new Video Games releases. Recently, the company announced that it is working on new video games that will be available for its console in September.

According to Nintendo Developers in Japan, the company is preparing the release of a new version of the classic 16-bit Super Nintendo console with 21 games pre-installed. As reported by Nintendo Developers, one of the most outstanding titles will be the second part of "Star Fox", which was never launched by Nintendo. The new "Nintendo Classic Mini" console will reportedly have the same system of the Super Nintendo console, as well as the same appearance and features of the original version, but a little smaller.

Next, we share with you the details revealed about the new video games to be launched by Nintendo in the coming months.

Which games will be available in the new Nintendo Classic Mini Console?

The new "Nintendo Classic Mini" console will have 21 exclusive games developed in different themes such as combat, races, sports and other interesting entertainments.

"Super Mario World", "The Link to the Past", "Super Mario Kart", "Super Metroid", "Contra III: The Alien Wars", "Mega Man X", "Street Fighter II Turbo: "Hyper Fighting" and "F-ZERO", are just some of the titles that will be available in the new mini console, per Nintendo developers.

When will players be able to start playing these new video games?

According to information published by Nintendo on its official Facebook account, the release date of these new video games is scheduled for September 29 of this year. It is worth mentioning that on the same date, the company also plans to launch the "Super Nintendo Entertainment System, Classic Edition".

How much will the new Nintendo Classic Mini SNES console cost?

According to the details revealed by Nintendo, the new "Nintendo Classic Mini SNES" console will cost $80 in the United States. The combo includes an HDMI cable, a USB power cable, and two classic controls. An interesting fact to consider is the inclusion of "Star Fox 2", the sequel to the famous “Shooter” series.

As it is known, this sequel was never released. The company canceled its release just when the video game was finished.

This is all the information known so far. Keep enjoying the game, and stay tuned for more updates about the new console games as they become available.