The Nintendo Switch is a unique video game system due to its home use and portability. It’s one of the reasons why the product is difficult to find at stores, and we expect shortages to go on for a long time before normalcy.

In the wake of these massive shortages, some have wondered if Nintendo is deliberately cutting supplies to trick the market. It wouldn’t have been too surprising since companies have done this before, and they still do to this very day.

Is Nintendo illegally cutting the Switch’s supplies?

We’ve long wanted an answer for this, and finally, we got one.

In a recent interview with Ars Technica, Nintendo Senior Director of Corporate Communications Charlie Scibetta scoffed at the accusations that his company is cutting supplies of the Switch.

He said Nintendo is not taking part in what folks believe the company is doing. In fact, the Japanese video game giant is working hard to meet demands, and right now the company is pushing to have enough units out there just in time for the holiday season.

Scibetta went on to add that Nintendo made a mistake by underestimating the market’s need for the Switch, which is one of the reasons why the device is hard to find in stores around the world. He said Nintendo had anticipated high demand for the Switch, but in reality, demand is much greater.

Interestingly enough, Scibetta’s words are similar to what Reggie Fils-Aime said 10-years ago in regards to the Wii. He said there are no secret plans to store Wii consoles in a warehouse to spur demand.

To make things even more interesting, Gamestop COO Dan Dematteo, earlier in 2007, says he believes Nintendo is drying up supplies of the Wii because the company made its numbers for the year.

If such is the case, then the Switch could rival the Wii or even the PS2 in lifetime sales. For some, this will never happen, but we believe nothing lasts forever.

As for when the Switch will escape shortage problems, Scibetta couldn’t give an exact date. For us, we believe it should happen in time for the holidays and the year 2018.

Let’s talk about the NES Classic Edition

Nintendo did away with the NES Classic Edition earlier this year despite a high demand from fans. The discontinuation of the product was a surprise to many since the announcement came out of nowhere.

With that being said, Scibetta made it clear that his company could have done a better job at pushing out its messaging that the NES Classic Edition was a limited run.