Dekaron Energy and its Origins

Dekaron is a MMORPG game that was originally known as 2Moons. Later, it was renamed as Dekaron. It can be downloaded for free across several countries and is still running today with numerous private servers. Dekaron energy is a Private Server with Action 19 content that started more or less 2 years ago. There are a number of mmo games that have popped up but Dekaron has been around for years now. Dekaron Energy started strong and it sustained the number of players for more or less 2 years. The server was known for its pleasant players and very active GMs.


Dekaron Energy is like the typical Dekaron, the only difference is that it is a private server so leveling up is easier and you get more free items. You can choose between 12 classes all of which have different skill sets and attributes. You will decide the combinations you use in PVP battles and in farming. You will need dils to purchase items or Dshop coins for items in the Dshop. You can also acquire gear by going on boss quests. Upgrading gear require argates which drop from monsters. For a beginner, finding your way around the map can be challenging. Once you are strong enough, you may join a guild and participate in siege. Dungeons can also be found in the game and competing them gives amazing rewards.

The main objective is to create a strong character by upgrading gear and finding the best skill combo to use. Unlike arcade games, mmorpgs require a lot of time and effort to be a strong player. Events also tend to be monopolized by strong players. PK, or player kill, is also part of the game so the weaker ones fall prey to the strong players.

Sometimes, finding the right allies can make you a stronger player in the long run. PVP is always a main attraction when it comes to Dekaron.

The start of the end

Although Dekaron Energy held its own for several years, player population declined after the server installed tighter security measures for Dshop hackers and other hackers.

Dshop is the online currency used for in game items. The player population started declining approximately 6 months ago. Today, the management officially released a statement that Dekaron Energy will be closing on July 25, 2017, if the player population did not take a drastic turn in player numbers. Somewhere along the line, new games will be released and old ones will be forgotten. However, the mark that the private sever has left among its avid players will always remain.