PlayStation 4 will release a new system Software Update today which highlights team. On their official website, the specific details of what they added to your PS4 system were revealed. The update is codenamed "NOBUNAGA" and is already available from today. Some of the features that were added include improvements in the Twitch broadcast option on PlayStation 4 Pro, family on PlayStation Network, team tournaments, and message updates.

The addition of team tournaments

The update will allow players to create teams and join in events for ranking and rewards.

Anyone can create or join up to 60 teams where they can compete with other teams to be at the top. The team tournament will be fully functional on October 5 where it can be applied to the following games;

  • Uncharted 4
  • A Thief’s End
  • Uncharted: The Lost Legacy
  • World of Tanks
  • Mantis Burn Racing

Each team should have a captain who will manage the team. A team page will also be provided where a list of all the members including information about them can be seen. The page will also let the members track the events that the team will be participating in. Also, a group chat feature is available to make it easier to communicate with teammates. The team tournaments function can be accessed via the Events section on your PS4.

You can view ongoing tournaments there and also create your own team. More games that have the team tournament function are underway, so the management wants you to stay tuned.

Other perks of NOBUNAGA

Before 5.00, players can only follow verified accounts. With this update, you are now allowed to follow anyone, whether they have verified accounts or not.

This also allows you to follow game developers, broadcasters, and content creators without having them on your friend's list. The user will be notified when they post anything, making it easier for them to reach people with their content and also giving access to people who originally can't see those posts. However, the privacy settings of the person you want to follow will still affect what posts you are allowed to see if they are not on your friend's list.

Aside from the previously mentioned updates, the messages in the PS4 was also tweaked. With the recent update, you can now see previews of links you send or receive. When you send a link to a website to your friend or anyone, in particular, you will now be able to see thumbnails or previews when you insert the link in the messages. The recipient of the message will also see the preview of the website when they receive your message.