Massive changes are coming to “Pokemon Go” as the gym gets reworked. True to their previous announcements, niantic labs is implementing a major overhaul to the gym as well as in its raid mechanics. Moreover, the arrival of the legendary type of pocket monsters is also expected to happen soon. The latest datamined information revealed how these Legendaries work in the widely played title.

Latest datamine

In the “Pokemon Go” community, The Silph Road shared their most recent datamine. The team discovered new codes from the APK 0.67.1. The information also reveals what fans can expect from the game soon.

This is the first time that codes discovered were pointing reference to the legendary type of creatures.

Niantic Labs has integrated several codes referring to the legendary type of monsters. The discoveries include NumLegendaryBattleWon as well as NumLegendaryBattleTotal. For now, the community has not figured out what these codes mean. The common hunch is that the developer would most likely see the progress of each player in a potential Legendary Pokemon battle. Aside from those, there is also a code found in the datamine ERROR_LEGENDARY_POKEMON, which most likely refers to an error in deployment.

Other discoveries

There is also an interesting discovery from the most recent datamine. The APK codes make reference to a certain Legendary Raid Ticket.

This most likely refers to the way players handle the legendary type of pocket monsters. The recent claim is that most likely, the developer would offer a ticket to every player every day. There are also claims that most likely this ticket is for sale and players can purchase it in the in-game store.

According to The Silph Road, players would most likely get to see the legendaries in Raids.

The team added that most likely, this type of creatures would be made available only for special dates or events. It is also possible that Niantic Labs would preserve the rarity of this type of monsters by not offering the Raids in all regions.

As to the code ERROR_LEGENDARY_POKEMON, The Silph Road speculates that the players would not be given the power to deploy the legendaries to defend the Gyms.

It could be the developer’s way of preserving the game’s integrity by preventing cheaters from getting their hands on this type of creatures. With this, cheaters would be prevented from obtaining this type of pocket monsters easily

So far, all we know is that the legendaries are arriving in “Pokemon Go” in Summer of 2017. For now, the developer has not yet revealed which among this type of creatures would be made available. We will give you more updates about your favorite game as soon as information becomes available.