Riot recently released their "League of Legends" update notes that involve changes for the Midseason 2017. These also include the previously mentioned three tank Champions named Zac, Sejuani, and Maokai. The "League of Legends" channel on YouTube released a video spotlight that presented the updates, including ones on the battlefield and to do with gameplay. Changes to items used in battle were also revealed such as the "Relic Shield," "Spellthief," and "Ancient Coin."

Rift Herald changed tremendously

Riot decided to change the look of the "Rift Herald," one of the essential boss monsters in the game.

In addition, they added some effects of the Rift Herald's drop item. This can be obtained by players and the effect will boost recalling back to base, just like Baron Nashor's recall. In addition, the "relic" dropped from the Rift Herald can be used to summon the Rift Herald himself on the battlefield. Once summoned, it will deal a huge amount of damage to towers/turrets. It would be a quick victory if players combine this relic with an item called "Zz'Rot Portal."

Furthermore, the added details to status effects are now presented with words in "League of Legends" and not just symbols. If the player is struck by a slowing attack, the status above the player's health bar will display "Slowed." The same applies to other debuffs such as Poisoned, Stunned, and so forth:

Two additional items

Along with the Summoner spell changes in "League of Legends," two new items have been added.

These are "Adaptive Helm" and "Gargoyle Stoneplate." First, "Adaptive Helm" decreases damage taken if hit by the same spell. On the other hand, "Gargoyle Stoneplate" increases damage resistance of the player, along with 3 allied Champions nearby. Its active spell increases the user's size and gains a boost in health. However, the damage inflicted on the enemy is lessened. "Guardian Angel" has the same passive effect, but with added attack damage.

For more detailed information regarding these updates, players can view the company website.