The Elder Scrolls Online,” the MMORPG set in the same universe as titles such as “Oblivion” and “Skyrim,” now has the Morrowind expansion for those who got themselves a digital upgrade as part of the early access period. To make the news even better, Update 14 for PC owners is now live and presents a roster of welcome changes to the game.

Returning to Morrowind

According to the official announcement on the “Elder Scrolls Online” website, players get to keep all progression when the game officially launches in June, should they decide to get a sneak peek through the Early Access version.

Morrowind is a huge addition to the already colossal world of the highly acclaimed RPG. Players will be taken back to 2002, especially those familiar with the title "The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind." On the other hand, those who are fairly clueless will be given a fresh new adventure in an exciting setting and will begin a character at Vvardenfell (existing players can skip the tutorial area). Bethesda also noted that existing characters can use wayshrine to get to the new area instantly.

What to expect

The newly added expansion has included a new combat scheme in the PvP Battlegrounds wherein three teams of four partake in Domination modes, Capture the Flag or Team Deathmatch. The game’s first new class, Vvardenfell, includes new quests, delves, public dungeons and a whole lot more.

To enjoy Early Access, players will need to already own a copy of “The Elder Scrolls Online” and purchase the upgrade separately. There are more expensive versions of the Morrowind expansion available on the web that includes the base game, but keys won’t be available until it officially launches June 6. That's 2 weeks behind the upgrade editions head start.

Update 14 details

Among the changes that Update 14 brings is the new ESO Plus benefits. The devs have also decided to give the Champion Point cap a raise and the leveling experience curve had been adjusted as well. It is available to all players on the platform, both Mac and PC.

Chief among the changes that Update 14 brings is the Champion System.

The patch notes indicate that points have capped to 630, which means Champion Points will be reallocated. Moreover, passives are now more robust in early point values and will significant diminishing returns as points are spent in them.

An Adventure Guide for Morrowind is posted on the official site for "The Elder Scrolls Online." The guide gives players a preview of what they can expect to find when it goes two weeks from now.