For almost two decades, sega has not released any new hardware that would rival gaming giants Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo. However, SEGA still has the rights to such iconic characters and titles like Sonic and “Kid Chameleon.” That is why the company announced on Tuesday, June 21, their offering of retro games dubbed as SEGA Forever.

In this initiative from the company, Classic Games from its multiple platforms will be available on Android and iOS mobile devices. Starting on June 22, five games will be released; “Sonic the Hedgehog,” “Kid Chameleon,” Phantasy Star II,” “Comic Zone” and “Altered Beast.” A new game title will be released every two weeks.

20 years of gaming content

The company’s chief marketing officer Mike Evans said that they have two decades of classic gaming content. Eventually, SEGA will release retro games from its plethora of consoles such as Mega Drive, Game Gear, Saturn and Dreamcast, just to name a few.

Fans of these consoles would be delighted to know that their favorite classic games will now be officially supported by SEGA to run on mobile devices.

Emulation: the biggest competition

We all know that these games can be easily emulated by any platform. Emulation means that specific software is used to “trick” original games into running on a platform that was not originally intended to.

However, SEGA is looking to partner with developers of Master System and SG 1000 emulators to bring a better experience to gamers.

Evans said in a statement, “We’re looking at how we can work with some of these guys,” according to a report by The Verge. Evans also said that Dreamcast and Saturn emulators only achieve around 85 percent of the original quality of the games and he wants to improve that.

Porting vs emulation

Basically, porting games onto mobile devices would be more time-consuming and expensive, as opposed to emulation.

Porting means that developers need to create games from scratch. Whereas emulation only needs software that imitates the console the games were developed for.

In addition, Evans said that the company will bring games to mobile devices which are requested by fans. He added that this initiative is for the community, which is why the community has to be involved.

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