If you grew up with video-games, there's a good chance that "Final Fantasy" had a place in your collection. The title inspired entire generations of developers and creatives. Among these, the guys behind The Salt Factory YouTube channel asked themselves a question — how would "Overwatch" look like as a retro turn-based RPG adventure? Several tries and countless hours later, here comes the answer!

Extensive work went in the creation of this video. The final results, though, were well worth the efforts and sweat. Overwatch RPG is imagined as an upcoming update that the team downloads at the beginning of the episode.

Using the popular map Route 66 as the backdrop for the action, the content creators came up with a re-enactment of a 4v1 team fight. McCree, Reinhardt, Mercy, and Bastion find themselves fighting a lone Roadhog who is blocking their way to the objective.

The Salt Factory has gone above and beyond. The entire Overwatch universe is re-imagined in the process. In tune with masterpieces of the RPG genre; power-ups, collectibles, and consumables pop up throughout the video. In addition, the group even wrote brief descriptions and came up with icons to go with these items. Needless to say, the entire thing is extremely satisfying to watch and makes us hungry for more!

An instant and undeniable success

One of the main problems with YouTube is just how much content floods the platform every day. Google's new ranking algorithms also make it harder for smaller channels to get the attention they may deserve. Because of that, this kind of fan-made videos rarely reaches the top.

Surprisingly, The Salt Factory received more than 200k views and 1000 comments in less than 48 hours.

Overwatch fans from all over the world came together to share ideas, show their appreciation, and make sure their friends gave the footage a look. Some even said an Overwatch RPG spin-off is likely to sell extremely well. Perhaps, this could be the beginning of something bigger.

Despite Activision-Blizzard never saying a word about the possibility of another approach to their IP, the idea reached a large crowd.

An Overwatch-inspired RPG is a great way to tell the stories and events that plunged the world into chaos. We all heard of the Omnic Crisis and the wars that followed. Right now, though, these only come up in the comics and in some character lines.

Will the dream of a team of talented creatives become true? We sure hope it does!