At this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), developer Studio Wildcard revealed that “Ark Survival Evolved” will finally be released as a complete game this August. It should be noted that the title has stayed for nearly two years on Steam’s Early Access program. Its official debut has long been anticipated by the community.

The popularity of “Ark Survival Evolved” is off the charts, and Windows Report wrote that the game has about nine million players around the world. With its official launch, the game is expected to reach even greater heights.

Apparently though, during their presentation at the E3 event, the studio did not reveal an exact date for the official release. However, the studio has just shed some light on this and has unveiled exact timeline.

Game’s official launch date

Studio Wildcard just announced that the game will be unleashed to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC come August 8. It is also confirmed it will become available on next-gen consoles, though the studio has yet to reveal further details about that. The game is now readily available for pre-order.

The big reveal from the company during E3 opened a lot of questions from the “Ark Survival Evolved” community. Some are interested to know if the developers plan to do some upgrades and/or changes to the game’s breeding system.

Interestingly, the video game company revealed that no such change will be made. They believe that the feature is working as intended and that if they have to make some upgrades, it will only disturb the balance it offers. Nevertheless, the company plans to offer new and exciting features later on.

Introducing the Explorer Edition and the Limited Collector’s Edition

Ark Survival Evolved” will be launched in two editions, both of which were developed to bring exciting gameplay experience. These are the Explorer Edition and the Limited Collector’s Edition. The base game will sell at $60 and will offer lots of special goodies developed specifically for the fandom.

The Explorer’s Edition, in particular, will provide players with a Season Pass. It will also grant them with direct access to the entire expansion packs, which already come with the latest Scorched Earth content. It can be bought for $100.

As for the “Ark Survival Evolved” Limited Collector’s Edition, Studio Wildcard is selling it at $160 and is already available for pre-order. This one comes with all the exciting stuff. For instance, it will arrive with the official Ark necklace and the official soundtrack. The latter was recorded by the titular Philharmonia Orchestra live. Moreover, it will give players a cloth map featuring Ark Island and a poster of the entire development team. Lastly, a leather-bound Explorer’s Notebook, which is packed with all the dossiers in the game, will also be included.