Studio Wildcard revealed at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) that “Ark Survival Evolved” will be launched as an official game on August. This means that the title is near completion and that it is set to leave Steam’s Early Access program. In addition to these, the video game company also unveiled the game’s first ever sponsored mod map called "Ragnarok."

In its most organic form, the upcoming “Ark Survival Evolved” map became a reality thanks to the studio’s Sponsored Mod program. This basically lets players and/or modders develop a mod for the titular dino survival game.

If their mods are interesting enough for the developers to use, they will be rewarded generously. This is exactly what happened to the aforementioned mod map.

What 'Ragnarok' can offer to the game

"Ragnarok" spans around 144 square kilometers, something that will please fans who disliked the game’s default island map. They think it is too small for a game of its genre. Going back to the map, it offers an active volcano, a good number of caves and dungeons, unique bosses or creatures and Explorer Notes (dossiers). More importantly, it comes with alternate versions of the game’s existing critters.

Moreover, the brand new “Ark Survival Evolvedmap offers a unique set of biomes for players to explore.

There are ruins, mountains, and trenches. In fact, there are hot springs, all of which can be used as a buff. However, players need to be careful, as these bodies of water are proven to be dangerous in the long run. Interestingly, the map is now available on Steam for PC players to download. Unfortunately for the users of either PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, they will have to wait a couple of weeks.

When the official game launches

The official debut of “Ark Survival Evolved” will be on August 8, with buyers having a great array of options. First of all, players and fans alike can purchase the game on all known digital platforms. However, they can also resort to a physical disc for only $60.

The other edition, which is called “Explorer’s Edition,” will be sold at $100.

But of course, as expected, it comes with tons of exciting stuff.The special “Ark Survival Evolved” edition will arrive with the game’s Season Pass.

The latter means having early access to any upcoming contents and/or updates, something that regular players will have to wait a week or two. Furthermore, it will grant access to the title’s already deployed expansion called “Scorched Earth,” with two more full-scale expansions. Although these remain to be unnamed, the first one will be out later this year while the second comes next year.