Microsoft made a splash last week during E3 as they officially unveiled the Xbox One X. The company flaunted several titles coming to the next-generation console that were showcased running on a native 4K resolution. Most critics already seem to agree that the new gaming system might live up to its claims of being the most powerful console ever. The Redmond firm promised fans that their new console will have great third-party support from several developers, which is obviously important for new game systems to become successful. However, it seems that some game studios like the team handling “Far Cry 5” have not yet received their dev kits.

Dev kit shortage

Sources have noted that the “Far Cry 5” development team has confirmed that they have not yet received their Xbox One X dev kits, based on an interview conducted during the E3 2017 game show. It appears that the game is currently being “heavily optimized” to run on the PS4 Pro and PS4 given the current situation. The latest installment of the popular FPS series was indeed advertised for the new platform so it is safe to assume that the developers will get their allocated dev kits sooner or later.

The news related to the lack of dev kits might be considered a red flag by some gamers as the system is expected to come out this year. Microsoft has touted the machine’s ability to output games in native 4K resolution as its biggest selling point, which means that developers need enough time to fully optimize the game engine to run the new hardware.

Some players are worried that the Redmond company might have already stumbled this early on in their bid to outshine Sony and Nintendo, both of which are enjoying great sales numbers with their respective platforms.

Console optimization is important

Ubisoft’s “Far Cry” series have always flaunted an open-world approach that permits gamers to also appreciate the world and environments created by the studio.

Their upcoming sequel is evidently set in a fictional rural town in Montana, which is the first time the game is not set in an exotic location like its predecessors. It has been noted that critics believe that the change of scenery is a fresh approach that the series needed and fans would appreciate.

Developers want their games to shine and familiarizing themselves with a new platform and its dev kit is obviously on the top of their list.

Meanwhile, most video game critics apparently agree that “Far Cry 5” already looks impressive running on current-gen consoles. Therefore, they can only imagine how it would appear when its properly optimized to run on the Xbox One X.