Despite the overwhelming hype surrounding “Red Dead Redemption 2,” developer Rockstar Games decided to delay the game further. It was initially announced for a release this year but was later on pushed back to spring of 2018. Obviously, this was not well-accepted by the community, as they have been longing to get hold of the game.

The studio revealed that the decision sprung from their goals to better developRed Dead Redemption 2.” The delay, in one way or another, should provide them enough window to pull out resources and whatnots. Since they have these now, they can assure the fandom of the best gameplay experience.

While that can be true, there are rumors suggesting that the video game company is actually experiencing a major problem.

Rumored issue developing the game

Rumor has it that the delay Rockstar Games did was, ironically, needed. After all, it is within the best interest of the game. However, the same rumor suggests that the studio actually wants to achieve features that have never been released to the franchise. However, this appears to be the root cause of the game’s delay.

Basically, the developers wanted to introduce a cross-network play in “Red Dead Redemption 2.” This means players from various platforms (Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC) can meet in the sequel with ease. Apparently, though, Rockstar Games is believed to be having an issue getting an approval from Sony, the biggest hold-out in the said technology.

As a result, the studio had no choice but to delay the game’s release to give them enough time to smooth things out.

What is up with Sony’s roadblock

Since time immemorial, the tech giant conveyed their disgust towards cross-network play. Not because they think this technology does not work, but they simply see it as an avenue for exploitations to happen in their PlayStation network.

To keep such thing from happening, they continued to reject all offers pertaining to it. Rockstar Games’ offer, in one way or another, might just be one of these rejects.

If this rumor is really true, there is definitely no knowledge of what the studio plans to do with “Red Dead Redemption 2” and cross-network play. Perhaps, they can still move forward, but PlayStation 4 will not be part of it.

But of course, this is just a rumor; hence players can take it with a grain of salt. Besides, there is no reason not to believe that the company will not disclose this information to the public soon.