Developer Studio Wildcard announced at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) that 'Ark Survival Evolved' will finally be launched as an official game. This means leaving Steam’s Early Access program, as it debuts in August. For nearly two years, the title will soon reach completion.

In an interview with GameReactor UK, the studio’s very own co-founder and co-creative director named Jesse Rapczak discussed some interesting details about 'Ark Survival Evolved' and its future. He confirmed that expansions and/or DLCs will be coming to the game.

“We have expansion packs line up,” he said.

The future of the game

Rapczak revealed that they will try to make each expansion as extensive as they can. As a matter of fact, he confirmed that a DLC is already being developed, and it is expected to have a size similar to “Scorched Earth.” He did not give out any specific details about the upcoming content, but it will have a new map and a new gameplay.

The Studio Wildcard executive also unveiled that the aforementioned DLC is just one of the handful of contents they are working on for 'Ark Survival Evolved'. He promised that, as the official launch date nears, they will reveal more information about these expansions. These contents should definitely keep the community’s interest at bay.

After all, they all hope for a huge bang during the game’s official debut.

A special content for launch day

Speaking of the debut, the studio is set to introduce a content (not the one that Rapczak mentioned above) on the day 'Ark Survival Evolved' launches as an official game. Rapczak revealed that this is an “endgame content,” one that all fans of the game should really be excited about.

Even he was stoked to announce it but kept his poise to prevent spillage of information. He went to outline the content’s purpose, which will help the players understand more about the Arks and why they really exist.

Rapczak also assured the fans of the game that each DLC will be unique from each other. It can be likened to how unique “Scorched Earth was from the base game.” While there will be different creatures and settings, as what most would expect, the forthcoming contents will introduce all-new in-game mechanics.

Rapczak explained that these expansions, regardless of their complexities, will change the way players play the game “fundamentally.” These are definitely huge words coming from the co-founder, who he himself is pumped for the game’s official launch on August 8.