"League of Legends" is probably teasing players on a potential comeback of the champion who has been frequently joked as the champ banned from the Summoner's Rift, the Demonblade Yasuo. For several players, the Unforgiven Swordsman's return along with new and outstanding skins would be a great news.

Latest teaser

In the official Facebook page of "League of Legends" Latin America, the team has posted what appears to be a teaser suggesting the imminent release of the much-awaited skin for the champ Demonblade Yasuo. The post is translated as "the fire returns...returns." Fans were quick to distinguish that the announcement is not in anyway related to an Esports announcement.

In fact, the competitive season will start next month, and the post would be too early.

However, it is interesting to note that the image depicts a fiery mask with flaming animation that resembles a champion that was previously teased, Demonblade Yasuo. The teaser seems to show the champ's headgear. However, when you visit the entire page, not much was revealed about it.

Previous hints

This is not actually the first time that the champ has been teased. Recently, there were several reports that in Public Beta Environment (PBE) files many skin assets were found that suggests they belong to the Unforgiven swordsman and to Angelblade Riven. Moreover, it was previously speculated that these skins will most likely be released after a huge game content is rolled out.

The recent teaser if accurate, corroborates to previous speculations leaked on Reddit. Aside from that, the most recent spoiler confirms the ronin and the demonblade motif including predictions about Rakan and Xayah. The previous prediction also speculates on Master Yi's cosmic skin and reworks of Maokai and Zac. The latest "League of Legend" teaser according to some speculations most likely is an advertising campaign of the game's LAN competitive scene.

While some players wished that it could be the Pentakill album, others wanted it to be Leona's shield.

Leaked list of upcoming contents

Previously, a list of upcoming content has surfaced on the Internet. The list contains also include Demonblade Yasuo. Among those in the list that have not been revealed includes Cosmic Reaver Master Yi, Pulsefire Caitlyn, Star Guardian Ezreal, and Star Guardian Syndra.

Darkstar Kha'Zix, Darkstar Orianna, Omegasquad Veigar, Omegasquad Fizz, and Omegasquad Twitch are also on the list.

So far, these are all leaks and speculations that are yet to be confirmed by the team behind "League of Legends." We will update you about your favorite game as soon as information becomes available.