"Overwatch" loot boxes are one of the many reasons why players keep on coming back to the event. As the game celebrated its first year anniversary, the developers gave its loyal gamers a surprise through the Anniversary event, which not only keeps the fans engaged but also introduced a plethora of contents. The recent event's content rolled out in the game has fans gawking. However, while there are several gamers who are grateful about this, there are several who are complaining about the way the loot boxes work.

Unfair system

One of the reasons why the game is widely played is because the team behind "Overwatch" closely monitors the gamers' feedback.

Like selling a product, it is on this channel that the team learn about what the players need and what they can do about this need. Recently, in the wake of the Anniversary event, several players on Reddit expressed their sentiments on the loot boxes unfair system. Some criticized the new skins and the high cost required to obtain all of it. bystander 007 express his views about these loot boxes saying that they are not good enough. He adds that these boxes, aside from assuring that the item is related to only one event, most often come as duplicate items. The Redditor goes on to say that those who spent for the event are not appropriately rewarded. There is also no guarantee that even after purchasing 100 loot boxes that the player can unlock all the event related items, the editor adds.

Kaplan responds

On the part of Blizzard, Jeff Kaplan acknowledges the most recent complaints and adds that the team is following the discussion among players about the latest "Overwatch" loot boxes and loot boxes in general. He is also grateful for the suggestions and feedback recognizing that they are a big help to the team.

He relays that the team has discussed the players' feedback the game has received over the week. While he regrets they have no immediate solution to the latest complaints, he stresses the fact that Blizzard is listening.

Suggestions for loot boxes

While the proactive fans are complaining about the "Overwatch" Anniversary Loot Boxes, they also have suggestions on how to improve it.

Among the suggestions include awarding at least two event items in every event loot box despite the high chance of getting duplicates. Others want these items to be restricted to a limited time release as some players do not have the luxury of time to acquire all the items that they want. These suggestions are obviously noted by the team and it will not be a surprise if they will come up with a new system in future events.