Just recently, DICE conducted the developer live stream where the team shared the upcoming changes that would roll out with the May update of the widely played game, Battlefield 1.” Among the changes that gamers could soon experience are numerous game mode tweak, net code improvements, and the ability to repair weapons, particularly the stationary ones. This recent information brings excitement to players while they are waiting for more details about the Russian DLC expected to be announced soon.

Map and modes fixes and changes

Among the many changes that would be included in the upcoming May update modifications in the map and the game modes.

This includes fixing a bug with the issue of the camera getting stuck during the camera sequence of Pigeon Carrier Artillery camera on the Assault Tank. The ticket count has now changed from 200 to 100 for domination. The update would also fix in Breakthrough the missing description of the game mode. Aside from those, it also changed the scoring in Conquest when capturing flags. The percentage to capture or neutralize is reduced from 50 percent to only 30 percent. A new Join Any Operation button is now added to the main operations. This will allow players to begin a matchmaking session to participate in any open operation with sizes ranging from 40 to 64.

Interestingly, DICE also changed “Battlefield 1” Operations’ end-game lobby process.

Players are no longer required to exit to the game’s main menu and queue again after the match. Instead, the new continuous lobby will keep the players with their current team and allow them to change sides.

Bayonet changes

The next “Battlefield 1” update would roll out several changes in the Bayonet. The weapon would have an activated modifier at the prepare and charge state.

In addition, a player can now rotate this weapon to a maximum of 50 degrees in the prepare state. In addition, an input modifier disables strafe while it is charging. Threat Awareness would also be increased as subtle boost is added to third person footsteps when charging the bayonet. Moreover, damage reduction would be removed and maximum turn rate while charging is reduced.

Netcode tweaks

Aside from changes in a bayonet charge, netcode tweaks would also be experienced in the game. With the May update, values are tweaked to decrease the kill trades number within the 30m radius. Several improvements were also made including per region threshold settings for hit detection of the server side, which is 130ms for US+ Europe and 200ms for others. Server hit registration interpolation is also fixed including the latency issue of the display.

Vehicles, field guns, and AA changes

For the vehicles, A7V, FT17, St. Chamond, and Pierce Arrow have the abilities to self-repair now. The health gained for every self-repair cycle is now reduced to 200 from 300. The time for complete self-repair is reduced from 8s to only 5s.

In addition, speed boost ability is reduced to 15s from 30s for Airship Buster Attack Plane and Dogfighter. All planes now have a rear view. Moreover, the Dogfighter now has a second weapon called the Incendiary Ammo.

Apart from the vehicles, field gun, and stationary AA have now double health and are now indestructible. Both will now be in a disable state upon reaching 50% health, thus players can no longer use them. For players to be able to use the weapons again, they can use the repair tool.