There is no doubt that "Destiny 2" is set to be one of the greatest game this year. Fans have been waiting for the developers to announce the release date of the game, but they are still mum about it.

The great news is that "Destiny 2" will be available to play on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The video game will be revolving around the lives of the Guardians and their enemies. The gamer will have to reunite the Vanguard from its solar system.

What to expect in 'Destiny 2.'

"Destiny" is an online-only multiplayer first-person shooter video game developed by Bungie and published by Activision.

It was first released on September 9, 2014. It features three classes, the Warlock, Hunter, and Titan.

Reports claimed that Bungie is not committed to its PC date release, it is rumored that it may come later than September 8. Yet, they promised to make the PC version of the game as great as possible. In regards to the dedicated servers, Mark Noseworthy, the producer and Luke Smith, the game's director say that it is still a feature that they do not really need. Both of them are confident that the parameters on their new code will offer the best connection.

The other news is your existing clans will still be migrated to "Destiny 2". Though the sequel will introduce new clan features and support, the migration of existing clans is still going to be seamless.

Another thing is there might be no trials on day one of release. Instead of pre-trials, developers might just build a spin-off that will live sometime the course of the sequel.

Available on PlayStation 4

Next is "Destiny 2" will be 30 fps on consoles. The reason behind this is PS4 Pro simply does not have the CPU sophistication to support the increased frame rate.

But fans would still like to experience it in 60 fps, probably on Xbox's Project Scorpio release. In addition to the new features are you can now carry two of the same weapon in the first two slots and countdown mode, which will add extra excitement to the game.

Lastly, what better way to explore the sci-fi world if there are no new worlds?

The great news is aside from the Earth; three new planets have been added to Destiny 2 namely Titan, Io, and Neesus. Earth now has shifted action to a new place call European Dead Zone. And each new worlds will definitely bring a new user experience like exploring underwater or if not a cybernetic vex.

As of now, the developers of "Destiny 2" are yet to respond to the latest reports about the game.