Since its beginnings, Pokemon Go has had certain hacks to obtain benefits fast and skip some gameplay. For this reason, the company who created the video game, Niantic, has established a series of Measures to combat the players who cheat.

According to Pokémon Go, a security measure was activated during this week which means previously marked accounts will not be able to see rare Pokémon in their appearance areas now.

Cheating players

The creators responsible for the successful game, Pokémon GO, Niantic, will be preparing a new update to curb cheating players from its popular mobile application.

Some players point out that they will be suffering the removal of rare Pokémon from their game radars, allowing them only to catch the most Common Pokémons.

Niantic themselves warned long ago that they would do everything possible to prevent Pokémon GO users to resort to third party applications to facilitate the search for Pokémons using trackers or unofficial radars.

The new system

Apparently, this system will be implemented automatically in the application and will allow the detection of such "unethical" practices. Thus, those who use unofficial trackers will be condemned to capture only Pidgey, Rattata, and other familiar creatures.

As you can see in the image in the upper left corner, the cheating screen can only see a Geodude, while a “well behaved” user can also see Kabuto and Venonat.

The punishment consists of only seeing ordinary pokémon like Pidgey. Anyone caught using third-party trackers to catch Pokemon will not be able to catch the best ones.

The Pokémon Go Dev Discord server revealed screen images by doing a comparison of a normal account and a hacked account. In the screen where the game is played by the rules, several Pokémon like Venanat, Kabuto, and Goededu are shown and on the screen of the “pirate account” you can only see Geodude and no other Pokémon.

Pokémon Go Hub reports

Pokémon Go Hub reports that the “punishment” can be easily overcome by making a new account. Although we had not heard much about the game as when it was at its peak last year, last month the game reached 66 million active users. In March 2017, Pokemon Go exceeded 660 million downloads.

In the meantime, we look at the future, and the fans anxiously await the arrival of Generation III of Pokemon GO, we leave you with a video below. Enjoy:

Pokemon Go anti-cheat system

This is all the information known so far. Keep enjoying the game, and stay tuned for more updates as they become available. Follow us on Blasting News.