Following Activision-Blizzard’s announcement that “Destiny 2” can soon be enjoyed on PC through the Blizzard Launcher, the price of “World Of Warcraft” tokens got itself a change as well – they’re now more expensive. The news presents a welcome change as this means that PC owners get to talk to friends playing “Destiny 2“ while in the former client’s other games, such as “Overwatch” and “Hearthstone.”

However, “WoW” tokens are now at $20 each. Tokens can be exchanged for gold in the auction house, or they can be swapped for a player to get a one-month subscription to “World of Warcraft.”

Essentially, those who are up on the pedestal in the “WoW” economy but don’t have much time can vend off their tokens for quick cash, while those who have more time but don’t have an influx of resources can acquire their game time for free through gameplay.

Token price hike around the world

Last week, “WoW” token trackers predicted that prices for North American players would hit 200,000 gold, while Europe would probably reach close to 250,000. Meanwhile, in Korea, trackers reported that it could reach 500,000 gold, although Blizzard is yet to confirm the accuracy of the numbers.

In “World of Warcraft,” gold farming is quite a serious task, spawning cottage industries in some countries where laborers spend most of their time farming digital gold so they could sell them off.

Using the game’s auction houses, players can buy tokens; offer them at a price that would give sellers back thousands of gold in a deal or two.

The advantage

In an estimate, there had been an increase of 26 percent in value over the weekend, according to “WoW” token trackers. This is one set back in virtual economies; wherein in-game currencies inflate without warning. At the moment, some players are excited by the idea of gaining more tokens; however, the value could depreciate at any time, leaving tokens less valuable than they were before.

The advantage though is, “World of Warcraft” players may be able to buy “Destiny 2” should they accumulate enough virtual funds at no additional cost. They can spend their gold on tokens as long as they download the game client and log-in.

Being on the Blizzard Launcher is a great thing for “Destiny 2,” as it means the game gets to be part of a stable network and will have chat features, including access to the social aspect of it.

Players who are looking forward to owning the game and have a ton of gold saved are in quite a bit of luck, so to speak.

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