It’s Super Bowl time again and your team is in the game. You are having everybody over to watch it, now you’ve got to think of something to feed them.

The game is going to last anywhere between 3 1/2 to over four hours, there’s going to have to be a lot of food. The average person eats about 2400 calories on a Super Bowl Sunday, that’s a lot.

You want to have something that’s healthy, but you also want to have a snack that tastes good. In the past, these things didn’t necessarily go together, but there is a light at the end of this particular tunnel.

Snacks can be healthy

A lot of your traditional Super Bowl foods can be made in a more healthful manner. It just takes a little bit of planning and some careful substitutions.

For instance, if you’re planning to make Chili or Buffalo Wings, why not try making it with Truvia instead of regular sugar?. Truvia is a non-GMO, natural sweetener, with zero calories. Cooking with Truvia means you can have the sweetness without all the extra calories.

Lots of recipes are available on the Truvia website, including Buffalo Hot Wings with Truvia Nectar, Sweet Tomato Chutney, Chicken Chili, Turkey Chili, and BBQ Rub with Pork Ribs.

Sometimes simple substitutions work really well to make a regular dish healthy.

Melissa Eboli from Via’s kitchen has put together a number of recipes which are sure to be a hit.

For instance, instead of regular fries, why not substitute baked sweet potato fries? Because they’re baked and not fried, and they use a sweet potato rather than the regular starchy potato, these are a much more healthful option but just as tasty.

If you just wanna a bowl of Snacks to put out on the table, Tiger Nuts are an interesting option. They are Gluten-Free, Organic, Allergen-Free, Dairy-Free, High Fiber, High Nutrients, Low Calorie, Low Fat, Non-GMO and Paleo Perfect. The kicker is they are also Nut-Free. Yes, they are nuts that contain no nuts.

Apparently, they’ve managed to throw out everything except the flavor.

You can eat them directly as a snack from the bag, or cook with them as well. There are recipes available on their website.

Dip fans generally have problems finding a healthful option because so many dips contain a lot of calories. But no more. There is a solution. Eve Dawes (reigning Mrs. Nevada United States), has generously shared her Low-Fat Seven Layer Greek Dip recipe with the world.

For those who want a snack that’s fairly portable, you could try jerky. Krave Jerky, and Chef’s Cut Real Jerky, both provide low-calorie solutions to your snack cravings.

We've got the drinks covered

Now that you have your food snacks sorted, what about the drinks? There are about 8 teaspoons of sugar in a serving of most colas. Whether you are just going to be serving soda straight up or in mixed drinks, you might want to consider Zevia, a zero calorie soda.

So just because you want something quick and easy, and that tastes really awesome, that doesn’t mean it can’t be healthy too. Check out some of these options and maybe you’ll be a little healthier when the game is over and your team has won!