The National Football League (NFL) has decided to reject a proposed Super Bowl ad from a veterans organization that urged Americans to stand during the playing of the National Anthem. While Donald Trump has not not offered a comment, one of his sons decided to lash out with a possible conspiracy.

Trump Jr. on NFL

Last September while campaigning for Republican Luther Strange in the Alabama special election, Donald Trump took a shot at the NFL players who have been protesting during the playing of the national anthem. The former host of "The Apprentice" referred to those taking part in the demonstration as a "son of a b*tch," while calling on team owners to fire the players.

Trump's remarks quickly became a headline, with critics lashing out leading to an increase in the number of protests the following week. As time went on, Trump would sporadically bring up the issue during speeches and in social media rants, standing his ground in opposition to the protesters and the NFL in general. Fast forward to present day and an American veterans group attempted to run an ad during the Super Bowl that talked of the importance of standing during the anthem. After it was rejected, Donald Trump Jr. spoke out during a tweet on January 23.

American Veterans, the largest veterans service organization in the United States were asked by the NFL to submit a Super Bowl ad but were rejected after using the hashtag of "Please Stand." In response, The American Veterans accused the NFL of "corporate censorship," calling their refusal to run the ad "reprehensible" and "totally beyond the pale."

"Why would they do this?" Donald Jr.

said of the NFL's decision in a tweet on Tuesday. "What does Goodell have on the owners that got them to sign him for even more $? It must be Yuge!" the younger Trump went on to tweet in reference to the new deal recently signed by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.

Quick shots

After sending out his tweet, Donald Trump came under fire from critics over his criticism of the NFL.

"You should be thankful, because there would be a bunch of anti-Trump ads," one tweet read.

"It sounds as if you need a fresh bottle of formula and a diaper change Crybaby Sally," another Twitter user wrote.

"What does Putin have on your father?" yet another tweet added.

"You’re STILL hung up on this? I’m really embarrassed for you, Jr," a follow-up tweet noted. "I love it when little white boys think a huge inheritance makes them smart. In truth you are simply entitled and privileged—thru no effort on your part," an additional tweet pointed out. The backlash continued to pour in as the debate over the NFL and the national anthem protests moves forward.