For most Americans, this is been a harsh cold winter, and a getaway is exactly what you may need. With Presidents’ Day coming up on February 19 it means a nice three-day long weekend.

There are a lot of really great places to Get Away to depending on what you want to do. Whether you want to take advantage of the cold and have a ski trip, or get away from it all and go to the beach, or something in between, there are lots of things to do.

Shop around for deals

The most important thing to remember is to shop around. Whatever kind of vacation you’re looking for, you’ll want to look at all of your options and all of the different destinations available.

In some cases, it might make more sense to spend a little more to go to a destination that’s closer to home because you’ll be able to spend that bit of extra time at the venue, rather than spending it traveling to your destination. On a short holiday like a three-day vacation, you want to maximize your time.

If you really like the snow and want to take an epic adventure, why not try to Sled Dog Tour? What could be more fun than riding around on a dogsled pulled by a team of huskies? A number of states offer dogsled adventures, so look around for one near you.

What could be more appropriate for Presidents’ Day than to visit the Nation’s Capital, Washington DC? You can take advantage of the cold weather by ice-skating on the National Mall, as well as visit all of the sites.

Skiing is an excellent way to take advantage of this epic winter. Whether you’re thinking about downhill or cross country, there are slopes waiting for you and trails ready to be blazed.

Many of them are likely even within driving distance.

If you are hoping to escape the weather and don’t want to fly down south, there are Water Parks all across the country which give you the best of both worlds. Indoor Water Parks are available all over so look for one close to you.

Take a quick flight

Do you want to take a quick flight, there are' lots of cheap options available to locations like Orlando.

This time of year is an excellent time to get away to the warmth just for a few days. And let’s face it three days on the beach is really going to be a nice recharge to get you through the rest of the winter.

If the kids aren't coming along, and you just want an adult weekend for the two of you, Vegas is an excellent choice. There are lots of sites to see, great shows, and of course, you can have fun at the slots and the other games.

Look around for some deals and have a fun weekend.