In order to keep your freezer running as efficiently as possible, you want to keep it filled to the brim. If you don’t have enough food to completely fill your freezer, think again. With these Food Tips, you can freeze more than you thought.

Start with soup stock. A lot of recipes require stock but in varying portion sizes, so pour the stock into Ice Cube Trays. This will leave you with a constant supply of stock, easily portioned and quick to thaw.

You don't need to shop every day

Unless you shop every day, you will have to freeze your meat. Ground beef, turkey, and chicken freeze very well but it takes forever to thaw.

In order to speed up the freezing process, separate the meat into portions (I use one pound) and place them in individual freezer bags. After removing all of the air from the bag, grab your rolling pin and roll it flat. This will make a large flat pancake out of your ground meat which will thaw in a fraction of the time.

If you want to save even more time, just brown all of your beef up in advance. Once it is all cooked, do the one pound portion bags and roll them flat before freezing. This way you have cooked beef which is quick to thaw when you want to make a spaghetti sauce, whip up tacos, or make some other meat dish.

Freeze dough. Dough making is fairly difficult, but it is just as easy to make enough for two pizzas as it is for just one. Next time you venture into a homemade pizza, double your recipe and then freeze half. Then, the next time after that, you’ll just have to thaw the dough and off you go, fresh pizza.

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I like to freeze my wine

Now, it would likely not happen very often, but occasionally, you will have some leftover wine. Keep it at its best for as long as possible, stick it in the freezer. If you’re not a wine drinker and use the wine only for cooking, you might try freezing into ice cube trays as well. This way you can have small portion sizes ready to go for your next recipe.

If you’re not lucky enough to have an indoor garden from which you can pick fresh herbs when you want to, then freezing the fresh herbs you buy is the next best thing. Chop them up, place them in an ice cube tray, and then fill with olive oil.

Your ice cube tray can also be used to freeze eggs. Yes, eggs can be frozen to keep them from going bad. Don’t freeze them in the shell though as the shell will crack when the egg expands while freezing.

If you like cheese you can freeze that too! You might want to grate it first, though, since it will thaw faster that way.

Need to keep out of temptation’s way? Have some potato chips you want to hide from your kids? Or yourself? Yup, you can freeze them and it will keep them from going stale.

Keeping your freezer full will not only use less energy to keep everything frozen inside but also makes it easier to freeze new items. So look around, you have more "freezable food" than you thought.