For centuries, experts have debated the supplementary value of eggs due to concerns of their supposed ties to health risks. However, this demonizing stems mostly from myths such as the one about them "containing too much cholesterol which could quickly lead to Heart Disease." Not only are these concerns highly exaggerated and slanderous, they are dangerously misleading.

In fact, eggs are not only good for the human body they may very well be the most essential type of food on Earth. Here are four good Reasons why people need to wake up and make eggs a part of their daily lives.

4. Eggs fill our tanks up

Some people are unaware of the fact that some foods can't really satisfy their cravings especially those that tend to be "insatiable." Therefore, those people may be doomed to consume too many calories and gain unnecessary weight--compromising their health. But there's a silver lining and it's the irresistible, edible egg. Eggs are to make people feel full, lowering calories intake to reasonable levels.

Hence, eggs have a strong placing in the satiety index for foods.

3. The right type of cholesterol

Some fear the egg because they believe it contains a high amount of cholesterol that could clog arteries—leading to heart disease. This is completely wrong on two counts. Firstly, the egg doesn't contain too much cholesterol—just 50g of the stuff—and a person could even consume up to three per day without a care.

And secondly, that cholesterol lurking in eggs called HDL is essential to reducing risks of heart disease as opposed to increasing it like the LDL, the true culprit.

2. Eggs make us smarter

Another nutritional advantage the human race has when consuming eggs is maintaining healthy brains. Eggs do this by providing a substance known as choline.

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What is choline? It is a macro-nutrient usually associated with vitamin B. It is found in the egg yolk and can improve brain functionality; it enhances neurotransmitters for sending signals and protects them from aging. This helps the brain to focus and solve problems more efficiently.

In addition to this, choline can also improve liver and muscle functions.

1. Packed full of nutrients

By far, the biggest reason people need to adopt the egg into their food lifestyle is the fact that is a treasure trove of nutrients just waiting to be opened. Besides having good cholesterol for healthy hearts and choline for healthy brains, eggs also provide several vitamins including vitamin A, B2, B5, and B12.

Other important ingredients for sustaining health include antioxidants, phosphorous, selenium, folate, and protein.