Not everyone is into Tomatoes which is a shame considering their nutritious value. In fact—in terms of maintaining a healthy lifestyle—tomatoes are one of the most essential Foods in the world. Again, tomatoes might not be enjoyed by everyone for a number of reasons (taste, allergies, etc) but there are even more reasons why those who can enjoy them should.

if you are especially concerned about your health, here are four such reasons.

4. Tomatoes Can Protect The Body From Various Cancers

Unknown to some, The tomato is in fact one of the legendary super foods used in the fight against cancer.

Tomatoes contain an antioxidant called Lycopene which is a natural inhibitor of cancer growth. This has been proven to deter several cancer types—including stomach, colorectal and prostate—from developing in the body.

3. Tomatoes Are A Good Source Of Antioxidants

As mentioned before, tomatoes contain the beneficial antioxidant Lycopene. However, that isn't the only antioxidant the tomato is hiding. Tomatoes also contain beta-carotene, the pigment responsible for tomatoes bright red color. It also supplies the body with vitamin A that acts as an antioxidant once converted. The vitamin A can maintains eye health and promote healthy skin the immune system.

2. Tomatoes Can Prevent Heart Disease

Many consumers are concerned of gaining too much cholesterol that could cause heart failure and high blood pressure.

But that's probably because they don't know which foods can help to prevent that problem. Tomatoes are a wise choice as they contained potassium and vitamin B that can lower these risks significantly. Though it would seem easier to watch out for foods containing cholesterol, tomatoes can still serve as a contingency for this.

1. Tomatoes Repair Damage Caused By Smoking And Second Hand Smoking

Arguably the most unlikely advantage provided by the tomato today is its ability to make a difference in the fight against smoking. But what does that mean exactly? Can tomatoes reduce the use of cigarettes among consumers—even get them to quit smoking? Absolutely not.

But the small red vegetable can reduce the typical damage caused with several puffs on the sticks. The damage is usually caused by carcinogens that are present in the tobacco and tomatoes contain Chlorogenic and coumaric type acids that can protect the human body from it. Again, the tomato can't stop people from smoking cigarettes and it is always advised that people should quit smoking before it seriously compromises health. But the vegetable can significantly lower some health risks associated with smoking that can affect frequent smokers as well as those unsuspecting second hand smokers.