November 3 is National sandwich Day. It is the time to celebrate a sandwich of any kind. Today is also the birthday of John Montagu, the fourth Earl of Sandwich. He is credited with being the inspiration for the American tradition of eating them. So, what is the explanation surrounding the origin of the food combination?

Earl of Sandwich

During the 18th century, Montagu wanted to keep at least one hand free while he continued to play cards during a 24-hour gambling event. He instructed his servant to give him something to eat so he could pick it up and eat it without the need to use utensils.

Therefore, he was served lunchmeat between two slices of bread. From that day until now, the combination of meat or anything else between two slices of bread has been called a sandwich. If people eat one on November 3, they will commemorate the birth of the person who inspired it.

Types of bread

A sandwich is made with two pieces of bread and whatever is put between the slices. Because there are so many types of bread, there could be hundreds of sandwiches. A family could sit down for lunch, and each person could be eating a different kind. There are slices of bread, hamburger bun, hot dog roll, pita, flatbread, and even a bagel. These breads by themselves do not make a sandwich. A sandwich is made only when something is put between the two sides.

What can be put on the sides of the bread is just as varied.

Meats and other ingredients

Any meat can be used to make a sandwich. When John Montagu made his request, he was served lunchmeat. Keep in mind that even though his servant presented him with lunchmeat, the sandwich by no means today is limited to just something from the deli which includes ham, bologna, slices of roast beef, turkey, chicken or other meats.

The sandwich can include other foods such as tuna salad, chicken salad, egg salad, fish, barbecue, hamburger or just plain cheese. The most popular sandwich in America is the hamburger inside a hamburger roll or bun. A sandwich does not have to include any meat at all. If you ask a group of school kids, they will probably say the most popular one is peanut butter and jelly since both kids and adults eat it so often.

Some people eat a sandwich made of vegetables or just cheese.

No matter what kind you eat, remember the background and think about John Montagu while you enjoy yours on any day. On November 3, you will be joining others who are celebrating along with you.