An Ohio waitress was just doing her job at a Centreville Outback Steakhouse on October 27 when she was given a $1,000 tip on a $193.81 dinner bill. The person who left the tip for Mikayla Scott was model Chrissy Teigen. Scott said it was the biggest tip she has ever gotten in her entire career of being a waitress.

The service

Teigen and her family and several others visited the steakhouse while they were in town. Teigen's husband, singer John Legend is from Springfield, Ohio. He was in town to go to a football game between two local high schools.

Their daughter, Luna, was also with them.

The 21-year-old waitress admitted that she was nervous when she recognized them coming into the restaurant. Apparently, the 31-year-old model and television personality and her family were very pleased with the service as evidenced by the big tip. The waitress was very thankful for the extra money. She says she is going to use some of it to fix her family's car and will share some of it with her co-workers at the Centreville Outback Steakhouse.

Since Teigen left such a generous tip, people are wondering what she ordered. Fox News reported that she ordered the Outback's signature appetizer, the Bloomin’ Onion, and a chicken sandwich. It was not revealed what the rest of the people in her party ordered.

The model

Chrissy and her husband appear to be loving and generous people. They are accustomed to speaking out about things they are passionate about on social media. They share encouragement and positive words to people who need it because of so much negativity that is happening around the country. No doubt the tip was given from the heart instead of something to be in the news about.

Both John Legend and Chrissy Teigen are already famous and do not need extra publicity. They wanted to make somebody's day, and they certainly did, according to Mikayla Scott who received the 512 percent tip.

The restaurant

The Tampa, Florida based restaurant has almost 1,000 locations in 23 countries. Even though it is a steakhouse, the menu includes more than steak.

Chrissy Teigen went for a chicken sandwich instead of a steak. The Bloomin' Onion that she ordered is a popular item that customers love. It is called a blooming onion because the one-pound onion looks like it is blooming. It is breaded and dip-fried. Then the dish is served with mayonnaise and horseradish sauce. Usually, all the people at the table share the appetizer because it is enough for several people to enjoy.