Ariana Grande's security team has announced that they are introducing bans on several items that fans usually bring to the singer's concerts. Grande is clearly traumatized from the events that took place at her Manchester concert earlier this year in 2017. These security measures are unprecedented and fans are not happy with these new limitations.

It has been confirmed that no bags are allowed at the concerts

According to the Daily Mail, Ariana Grande has added another security protocol for her concerts and is not allowing anyone with a bag inside her concerts.

It has been confirmed that fans are allowed to bring clear plastic bags and carry their possession in those bags instead.

The singer is clearly still dealing with the trauma caused when a suicide bomber denoted bombs just outside of Ariana Grande's concert. Twenty-two people were killed during the Manchester Bombing and a further 119 were injured when terrorist Salman Abedi denoted a nail bomb on May 22, 2017.

In a report by South China Morning Post, Ariana Grande organized a concert in Manchester after the tragedy took place in order to raise money for the victims of the bombing. The "One Love" concert was performed under high security and fans praised Grande for coming back to Manchester so soon after the attack.

The new security protocols have never been put into place before

According to the South China Morning Post, these specific security measures have never been put in place for a concert before. Live Nation recently announced the news and they stated that all people with tickets would be walked under a metal detector before they are given access to the concert area.

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The list of banned items includes bags, backpacks and even purses. Concert goers are also banned from bringing selfie sticks, bottles, cans, cameras or long umbrella's into the concert venue. It is clear that Ariana Grande still does not feel safe performing on stage after the events of Manchester and is making all of these arrangements to try to overcome her fears.

While it is understandable, as to why these measures are being put in place fans are not 100% behind these new changes as it restricts them severely in terms of what they can bring with them to the concert. However, the security team has issued a statement saying that if fans do not abide by these security rules they will be turned away regardless if they have a ticket.

Ariana Grande is bringing her "Dangerous Woman" tour to Asia and from there on to Australia. She has not made a comment about these new security measures and it appears that she will not address the issue.