starbucks just launched a new Facebook Live video to let fans know the Pumpkin Spice Latte is on its way to their favorite stores. Many were confused until the video started becoming a little clearer as to its purpose. Now some people are hooked, watching the livestream during the wee hours of the morning.

Facebook Live has been used for a variety of reasons, including monitoring of police chases, naughty prison inmates, suicides, and more. This time, the service is being used for good. Fall is finally on the way, which calls for pumpkin spice and everything related to that popular flavor.

Starbucks is not backward in coming forward to promoting the arrival of Pumpkin Spice Latte in their stores; they just did it in an unusual and catchy way.

As reported by News 4 San Antonio, the livestream began on Facebook Live at 11 a.m. on September 1st with images of what looks like the interior of a hay-covered barn, very reminiscent of April the Giraffe’s enclosure in the long run-up to the birth of her baby. However, in this case, there was definitely no giraffe to be seen.

Things slowly appear in Starbucks Facebook Live video

During the first hour of the livestream, nothing much happened, making viewers wonder what on earth Starbucks was up to. However someone finally appears, clad in a flannel shirt and straw hat, placing various item relating to fall in the space.

First there was a pumpkin, then an orange cup labeled “756” appeared on the hay-strewn floor.

Signs started popping up, giving a variety of did-you-know “facts” relating to pumpkins. One sign asks if viewers knew that pumpkins hibernate during the summer months and only come out in the fall. Another sign asked viewers if they knew pumpkins need to be rotated twice a day, while adding they didn’t know why.

A teddy bear joined the theme for some unknown reason, while the camera zooms in on its face, followed by a small light on the set beginning to mysteriously rotate.

'Magical arrival of the Pumpkin Spice Latte'

The video wasn’t a total mystery, of course, as it has been captioned to say it was the first time this had ever been seen by humans – “The magical arrival of the Pumpkin Spice Latte.”

Comments keep on coming, with many Facebook users calling the video “hilarious” or “cute.” Someone said they couldn’t sleep and had to keep coming back to see what was happening with the pumpkin, while another asked why they were watching the video as they don’t even like pumpkin spice.

Another person found the slow livestream experience a little annoying and went elsewhere for a Pumpkin Spice Latte.

Facebook Livestream goes viral

As at the time of writing, Starbucks' Facebook Live video has been viewed 4.6 million times, with 101,000 mostly positive reactions and almost 35,000 shares. Now social media is going crazy as pumpkin spice fans share the news with their own memes and gifs under the hashtag #pumpkinspicelatte.

Meanwhile, the livestream is set to run on Facebook until the end of this weekend. According to a report by USA Today Starbucks has also hinted at various fun events to be held, including musical performances, puppies, kittens and a celebrity guest.